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FATE OF SLATE? Improving hand writing. Photo: R. Ashok
MADURAI, November 26, 2014

In search of slate

Looking back it looks like a dream, to be seated cross-legged on the floor, clutching the dark-black coloured rectangular stone slate and putting the kuchi (writing pencil) to its surface,... »
Govind, Flute seller. Photo: A. Shrikumar
MADURAI, November 26, 2014

I am... Govind

Occupation: Flute seller I lost my father when I was 10 years old. I started earning from then on. Four years ago I took the train to Madurai, leaving behind my mother and younger... »
ENTHRALLING: The students were perfect in lending their voices, their modulation and pronunciation matched their enthusiastic dancing and acting skills.
MADURAI, November 26, 2014

A technicolour dream performance

The story of Joseph and his coat of many colours may be familiar to many, but the audience at Keswick Public School last Saturday was in for a wholesome treat. An enduring show of all time, the de... »

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