He made a complete recovery and was out of intensive care unit within 24 hours

An 86-year-old man who developed numbness and clumsiness in his right upper limb while he was writing notes had undergone an emergency thrombolytic therapy recently and regained his limb action.

The patient, who himself a practising senior surgeon here, was admitted to the Apollo Hospital and a medical team led by Jude Vinoth did clot buster therapy. Hospital authorities did not reveal the man’s name as per his wish.

According to a press release, senior neurologist V. Jayakumar found an infarct in left side brain with a large potentially salvageable area on the left side.

“There was an imminent danger of the old person losing his speech and motor power in limbs. The maximum age for thrombolysis has been recommended as 80 years. But, since the benefits of clot buster therapy outweighed the risks, it was decided to go ahead with thrombolysis after giving proper counselling to the patient and his family,” the press release said. The patient made a complete recovery and he was out of intensive care unit within 24 hours.

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