The sisters had similarly locked themselves in when their adopted daughter died last month.

Two aged sisters of a 92-year-old woman who had died at her home on Thursday locked the police out when they came to help on Saturday morning. The sisters, who led a reclusive life, had similarly locked themselves in when their adopted daughter Rajarajeswari died last month.

Alli, 92, a resident of Mathai Manjooran Road at Pachalam, died at her home of natural causes on Thursday. Her sisters Santha, 82, and mentally-challenged Baby, 68, live a secluded life and avoid contact with neighbours. The death was discovered by an insurance agent who came to the house to inform them about a matured policy. The agent immediately informed the neighbours, who alerted the police. The two women, however, resisted the attempts of the police to enter the house and remove the body. “We had to break the door open like we did last time to rescue both women,” said an officer.

Police had rescued the three women and put them in a hospital after Rajarajeswari passed away due to illness on May 18. The women, however, came back home soon after. Santha and Baby have been admitted to the General Hospital again by the police.

The body, which had disintegrated a little in the two days since the death, was sent for post-mortem examination.

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