Water tankers boycotted Thrikkakara on Sunday.

In a tit-for-tat measure, the Water Tanker Lorries’ Association have decided not to supply water to Thrikkakara till the ban on collecting water from the wells in Thrikkakara remains. On February 12, the Thrikkakara municipal council banned tanker lorries from commercially exploiting water resources in the area for the next three months.

The members of the association had held talks with the council members during the last couple of days but there had been no breakthrough.

Municipal chairman Shaji Vazhakala had earlier told The Hindu that the residents in the municipality had protested against the extreme exploitation of water resources in the area. However, members of the water tanker association have a different story. According to one of the members, problem arose only in one water resource. The council’s blanket ban was unfair, they said.

Zakir Hussain, the president of the association, said the city too would be hit by the decision as water supply to the city depended on resources in Thrikkakara. On a daily average, about 1,000 loads of drinking water are supplied by the 400-odd water tankers in the district.

About 75 to 100 loads go in and out of Thrikkara every day, said Mr. Hussain.

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