Vypeen block panchayat has excelled in the implementation of the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGS) thanks mainly to the determination and drive of its women.

The block set a model for the rest of the district to emulate by completing all the works taken up under the MGNREGP.

That majority of the job days were created by the women further added to the glow of the feat achieved.

Out of the 6,604 works taken up in the entire district under the programme during the 2009-10 fiscal, 5,911 were completed, while the remaining 693 works were in progress.

Compared to this, the Vypeen block completed all the 718 works undertaken during the same period.

The works were spread across seven panchayats in Vypeen.

During the period, job cards were distributed to 12,442 members in 3,667 families in the block. Jobs were given to members belonging to 3,656 families creating 1,22,973 job days. Significantly, out of the total job days, 1,20,043 jobs days were that of women.

Of the families that received job cards, 2,138 families were that of Scheduled Caste and 108 of Scheduled Tribes, while 10,198 job cards went to families in the general category.

Sixty-three families utilised the set quota of 100 working days allotted under the programme.

Members from 227 families received benefits of Indira Awas Yojana and land reforms. Seven differently-abled persons also personally benefited.

The Vypeen block was allotted works worth Rs. 1.83 crore, including that carried forward from the previous fiscal, during the 2009-10 period. Of this Rs. 1.53 crore was given away as wages while Rs. 11.15 lakh was spend on equipment.

In Edavanakkad panchayat, 134 works were taken up, 149 in Elamkunnapuzha, and 63 works in Kuzhupilly panchayat.

Eighty-four works were taken up under the programme in Mulavukad panchayat, 87 in Njarakkal, 121 in Nayarambalam, while 80 works were undertaken in Pallipuram.

Elsewhere, Angamaly, which had the distinction of undertaking most number of works under the programme, had completed 754 out of the 810 works. Vadavucode, which was in the second spot in terms of the works adopted, could complete only 496 out of the 787 works undertaken during 2009-10, while 291 works were still under way.

On the other hand Vypeen which was in the third spot in terms of work undertaken had not just completed all those works but had undertaken an additional 376 works which are in progress now.

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