50 per cent of those found to be infected are recovering as the virus has exited their bodies.

About 17 per cent of the people examined for hepatitis B infection at Ooramana in Ramamangalam panchayat have tested positive. Blood samples were collected from 2,019 persons in the village, and 351 of them were found to be infected.

However, 50 per cent of those found to be infected are recovering as hepatitis B virus has more or less exited their bodies.

Hepatitis B is the irritation and swelling of the liver due to hepatitis B virus infection.

The Manipal Centre for Virus Research under the Manipal University will now try to ferret out the route of the virus spread under its second phase of the study at Ooramana. It involves face-to-face interview with 176 people found to be carriers of the virus in the sample study. Head of the Manipal Centre for Virus Research G. Arun Kumar said the second phase study would take at least two weeks. A six-member scientific team, with Dr. Kumar, will seek answers to 70 questions. Health officials from the District Medical Office will help carry out the second phase of the study.

At a press meet here on Monday, Dr Kumar said there was no treatment for the hepatitis B infection; the body’s immune system has to win the sword fight, on its own, against the virus. What the doctors do is treat the symptoms of the infection

Dr. Kumar cautioned against possible drug trials being conducted by institutions, claiming treatment for hepatitis B.

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