Vegetable traders from Tamil Nadu were conspicuous by their absence at the weekly vegetable market here on Saturday.

“This was the first time they did not turn up as the trucks carrying the vegetables did not reach here,” said a shop owner near the vegetable market. There were only a few customers at the market, which is usually a beehive of activity on Saturdays.

The prices charged at the market, which are usually competitive, were higher on Saturday and people had to depend on locally available items in the market. The prices of tomato, potato and beans – items that mainly come from Tamil Nadu – shot up on Saturday.

A trader at the market said that the vegetables were arriving through Sengottai and that their prices had not increased.

The vegetable markets here are mainly controlled by the Tamil Nadu farmers who directly sell the vegetables to the customers. The traders from Cumbom reach the market and sell the vegetables on Saturdays.

Saturdays are generally busiest days of the week here as people turn up to purchase essential items from the local market.

The buses on the border routes did not ply on Saturday and workers did not reach the cardamom plantations in Vandanmedu and Nedumkandam. Though there was a peaceful atmosphere, vehicles did not conduct services across the border, said the Cumbum Mettu police. They said that there was no tension across the border and people moved freely.