Substantial loss of crop in vegetable growing areas in the State and a tight supply situation in Tamil Nadu have combined to push up vegetable prices in the local markets here.

While the locally-grown bananas (nendran) has set a record of sorts, selling Rs. 50 a kg in the wholesale market, other items of daily use like cowpea (achinga), snake gourd, French beans, carrot and cabbage too have become too dear compared to the previous months.

Scientists at Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council, which is responsible for substantial quantity of vegetable production in the State said that areas like Puthukkode in Palakkad and Ernakulam's vegetable growing areas have recorded substantial losses this season.

Prices of at least 14 vegetables rule around Rs. 30 a kg or more in the retail market, with French beans leading the pack with a price of Rs. 57 a kg in the retail market and Rs. 46 in the wholesale market, figures from VFPCK said.

The wholesale price of bhindi was Rs. 18 a kg on Tuesday. Cabbage was selling at Rs. 40 a kg; carrot at Rs. 36 a kg; cauliflower at Rs. 28; cowpea at Rs. 36 a kg; green chilli at Rs. 23 a kg and tomatoes appear comparatively cheaper at Rs. 24 a kg in the retail market.

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