Prices of key vegetables are holding firm though the price of big onions is seen moving up slowly over last three months though it is below the level prevailing six months ago.

Big onion was selling on Wednesday at Rs. 26 a kg in the retail market in Ernakulam. The price was Rs. 28 a kg in the same week of December and Rs. 24 a kg during May. The May rate was a sharp rise from April when big onions sold for Rs. 18 a kg in the retail market.

Ginger prices

A shortage in arrivals has held up ginger prices though it has cooled slightly between May and now. The spice was selling at Rs. 100 a kg in the retail market on Wednesday, down from the previous month’s level of Rs. 110 a kg. However, the current level is a sharp rise from the Rs. 70 a kg during December.

The price of tapioca too has eased on better arrivals, showed figures released by Vegetable and Fruit Promotion Council Keralam. It was selling at Rs. 18 a kg on Wednesday in the retail market compared with Rs. 30 a kg in the retail market in December.

Among other vegetables, French beans, carrot, cabbage, ladies finger and bitter gourd are ruling comparatively high. Beans were selling for Rs. 68 a kg in the retail market on Wednesday. The price of carrot was Rs. 42; cabbage Rs. 40 and ladies finger Rs. 32 a kg.

Despite the rains, the price of drumsticks has cooled to Rs. 55 a kg from the level of Rs. 105 a kg during December. However, Wednesday’s rate was higher compared with Rs. 30 a kg during May.

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