The trial run of the Refuse Derived Fuel (RDF) plant of the Kochi Corporation will be conducted early next week. The installation of the machinery has been completed and the raw material for the trial run will be brought to the plant site soon, Kochi Mayor Mercy Williams said.

The civic authorities plan to convert all non-biodegradable waste including wood and other refuse into fuel pellets at the RDF plant. Presently, the corporation is not collecting non-degradable waste from the city.

The fuel pellets are expected to be purchased by the industrial units like cement companies which have furnaces. The conversion of waste into fuel pellets is expected to reduce the quantity of waste that goes for sanitary land fill. The plant, while addressing the issue of non-biodegradable waste, will also earn some extra money for the city.

Though the inauguration of the plant was proposed to be held this week, it had to be postponed as the road to the plant site could not be laid. The pathway that leads to the site has become non-motorable due to rain and it may not be able for the guests to reach there for inauguration.

The funds of the Kerala Sustainable Urban Development Project will have to be used for the road project and it requires the approval of the State-level empowered committee for using the funds. The approval would take some time, she said.

The selling of organic manure to FACT will be inaugurated on April 30. The FACT has provided gunny bags with its logo printed on it. The manure produced by the Kochi Corporation would be procured and sold by the FACT. The civic body has been selling the manure to private buyers in bulk quantities. The formal inauguration of the water treatment plant of the Kochi Corporation at Mardu will also be inaugurated on April 30 though the work has already started.

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