It’s going to be a fun-filled weekend for Kochiites with the Rage Theatre, Mumbai, bringing three of its plays to JT Pac, Tripunithura. All three productions are directed by Rahul da Cunha.

The theatre fete will open on Friday with ‘Me, Kash and Cruise’, which tells the tale of every Bombayite. Set in Bombay between 1984 and 2008, the play captures the burgeoning city’s social, political and civic characters that are in a state of flux. It is a sweeping journey through the landmark occurrences the city witnessed during the 25 years shown. Interestingly, the city presents itself as a character in many forms, adding a new dimension to the tale.

‘Pune Highway’, a play about friendship that stands many tests, will hit the stage on Saturday. About three friends holed up in a shady hotel room by the Bombay-Pune highway, the hugely successful comic thriller is filled with tension, nostalgia and humour. Curtains will come down on the three-day theatre fete with ‘The Bureaucrat’, a political satire. The play presents a bureaucrat tasked with dissuading his son from carrying out a unique nudity campaign against the government on the occasion of Nicolas Sarkozy’s visit to India.

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