Moving in sync with the international appeal of boat races, a first of its kind attempt will be made during the second Kayamkulam Boat Race to be held here on Saturday to shoot the entire race on a 4D camera and to give global viewers a feel of the exciting sport.

The attempt, being made with approval from the Union government by the Mumbai-based Adlab Entertainment, will have a 90-foot Strada crane on an iron ferry in the Kayamkulam lake where the race will take place from 2 p.m.

According to senior cinema production controller A. Kabeer, who is coordinating the attempt, the 4D camera and crane, being brought in from the Ramoji Studio in Hyderabad, will also get assistance from a helicopter to take the camera to a height of 500 metres above the boats.

Film screenings in 4D combine 3D films with physical effects in the theatre, in sync with the movie. Technicians from Mumbai and New Delhi have begun preparations at Kayamkulam for the attempt, which Mr. Kabeer says will be made into a documentary produced by well-known producer Manmohan Shetty on behalf of the Union government. Noted cinematographer Gopal Shah will handle the camera.

The film, to be converted into a tourism promotion documentary, is expected to give viewers a feel of sitting in a boat and rowing, enjoying the thrilling experience and soaking in the thunderous atmosphere, Mr. Kabeer said.

The Kayamkulam Boat Race had its inaugural edition in August last year and saw the ‘Payipad' chundan, rowed by the Sangham Kanneti, Karunagapally, winning the Elemecs trophy in a photo-finish final.

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