Young doctors should take up new areas of specialisation to step up their professional career and knowledge, B. Ekbal, former Vice-Chancellor of Kerala University, has said.

Delivering the inaugural address at the seminar on ‘opportunities for career advancement in health care sector' organised jointly by the Lakeshore Hospital and DC School of Management and Technology (DCSMAT) here on Saturday, Dr. Ekbal said that several areas even within the traditional domain of medical knowledge remain neglected in the State.

Stating that many new areas of study are emerging in medicine, he said there is not even a single haematology centre in the State.

Other areas that require professionals include critical care, emergency medicine and geriatric care.

Dr. Ekbal said there is a scarcity of trained professionals in public health training, health economics and genomics.

He reminded them that practising medicine is going to change radically in the coming years mainly because of the immense growth of genomics.

Job opportunities

Philip Augustine, managing director of Lakeshore Hospital, in his presidential address, said that public-private partnership is required in the health sector to step up the services offered to the public.

He said new courses related to the medical profession will help in creating new job opportunities in the country.

Ravi Deecee, chief facilitator of DCSMAT, said the institute has come up with a management programme in health care and medical tourism, considering the exponential growth being recorded in the sector.

He said the health care and medical tourism sector will also generate a large number of managerial jobs.

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