The wanton parking of tempo vans, autorickshaws and goods-autorickshaws leads to traffic snarl ups in TD Road, Market Road and Jew Street. Many of these vehicles remain parked on these stretches from morning till evening.

It is also affecting the smooth conduct of business, the Kerala Merchants' Union said.

The situation has worsened ahead of the festive season and as a result, many retailers are showing reluctance to come and purchase goods from the wholesale shops here.

The traffic police should take steps to remove the haphazardly parked vehicles, the union demanded.

The union further expressed concern over illegal autorickshaw stands propping up in every nook and corner of the city, affecting the free flow of traffic, especially in congested junctions.

Pedestrians and merchants too are affected by this. The police and Motor Vehicles Department should take steps to end this practice, demanded K. Venkatesh Pai, president of the union.

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