That there could not be a bigger draw than cricket and cinema to bring in spectators was amply proved by the resounding success of the Celebrity Cricket League matched played at the Jawaharlal Nehru International Stadium at Kaloor here on Sunday.

Of course, entry to the gallery was assured by paying as little as Rs. 10. But the fact that, people did bother to turn up and pack the stadium braving scorching heat was proof enough of the attraction of the mix of cricket and the silver screen.

Though the Kerala Strikers were to take the field only in the evening, the roads leading to the stadium were bursting with people right from the afternoon ahead of the first match between Bengal Tigers and Chennai Rhinos. As usual, youngsters were the dominant force and they were having fun even before entering the stadium.

They joined the percussion teams drumming up the excitement and gyrated to the rhythmic beats waving the placards they brought with them.

Once inside the stadium they didn't remain silent till the home team turned up but cheered the teams from Bengal and Chennai.

Later, when Mohanlal and his boys entered the field, the excitement hit the roof.

Every run, fall of wicket and brilliance on the field was cheered while collective sighs and laughter went around when players goofed up.

The stars were playing a brand of cricket within the limits of their skills with all its seriousness.

The spectators had fun watching the stars throwing themselves around and sweating it out.

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