Murder of NDF worker: 5 accused acquitted

The CBI special court in Kochi has found six persons guilty of the murder of National Democratic Front (NDF) worker Sainudheen at Kakkayangad, Kannur, on June 23, 2008.

Five acquitted

The CBI special court, which delivered the verdict on Saturday, acquitted five others accused in the case, including two leaders of the Communist Party of India (Marxist).

N. Nijil, 25; Biju K.P. 25; P.P. Riyaz, 25; Vineesh Vazhakkadan, 32; P. Sumesh, 29; and P.P. Basheer, 43, all of Iritty, were found guilty of the murder.

The court acquitted Centre of Indian Trade Union activists K. Mohanan, Manoharan, K. Nazar, CPI(M) local committee secretary P.V. Narayanan, and CPI(M) local committee member V.V. Bhaskaran. Nijil, Biju, Riyaz, and Vineesh were found guilty of murder, unlawful assembly, and rioting armed with deadly weapons. Sumesh was additionally found guilty of wrongful restraint. Basheer was found guilty of murder and criminal conspiracy.

The court found that Sainudheen was murdered not out of personal enmity, but as a fallout of quarrels between the NDF and the CPI(M) and SFI.

CBI charge sheet

The CBI had said in its charge sheet that Sainudheen was campaigning for the NDF and encouraging SFI workers to shift sides. “From the evidence, I am satisfied that the attack on Sainudheen was the aftermath of the quarrels and skirmishes between members of those two organisations,” CBI special judge P. Sasidharan observed in the verdict.

The first four accused chased Sainudheen and hacked him to death. The incident occurred at 1.30 p.m. Fifth accused Sumesh restrained him. Nijil delivered a blow to Sainudheen’s abdomen that resulted in his death. Basheer was part of the conspiracy to attack and murder Sainudheen.

No evidence

The court acquitted five accused as the prosecution could not submit sufficient evidence to prove that the conspiracy to commit the murder was hatched at the office of the CPI(M).

The court is expected to deliver a sentence on those found guilty on Monday.

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