The shutters of the major dams in the district were opened on Tuesday as they had crossed the Full Reservoir Level (FRL) in the heavy rain lashing in the catchments areas of these reservoir for the last couple of days.

The District Collector A.T. James has issued a warning to the people living on the banks of the rivers and the irrigation canals about the possibility of the water level rising due to the heavy inflow of water from these dams and the continuing heavy rain. Water Resources Department authorities have opened four shutters of the Malampuzha Dam on Tuesday morning as its water reached the FRL of 115.08 meters.

On this day last year the water level in the reservoir was 112.94 meters.

The District Collector has issued a warning to the people living on the banks of Bharathapuzha and the Malampuzha irrigation canal systems due to the opening of the shutters of Malampuzha reservoir.

Three shutters of Kanjirapuzha dam was opened as water level reached the FRL of 99 meters on Tuesday.

The District Collector has issued a warning to the people living in Kanjirapuzha, Thrikkaloor, Chooriyode, Kannampara, Mannuthipuzha, Ozhiyad, Kundukulam, Azhukkanpara, Pazhani Padam, Neenthrapadam, Madathikunch and Pullampadam.

The shutters of the three major Dams in the Parambikulam groups of reservoirs of the inter-State Parambikulam Aliyar Project (PAP) was also opened as they had crossed the FRL.

The shutters of Aliyar Dam was opened on Monday as the water level again reached FRL of 1050 feet. Now 1500 cusecs (cubic feet a second) of water is let out from the Dam.

The shutters of Parambikulam Dam, the largest one in the PAP system, was opened as it reached the FRL of 1825 feet on Tuesday.

The Thunacadavu Dam of the PAP system was opened as it touched the FRL of 1770 feet on Tuesday.

These two dams got filled up because the water from Sakarpathy Dam was not let out as the power generation was stopped there due to the breaches in the contour canal.

The water is released from Sarkarpathy after generating power through the contour canal which was breached recently in the heavy flow of water.

The other reservoirs of the district like Mangalam Dam and Pothundy are also getting filled up fast in the heavy rain in the area during the last two weeks.

Meanwhile the Dam Safety Authority members visited the Moolathara dam and the Manacadavu weir on Tuesday to examine the breaches that had taken place there on Sunday due to the opening of the shutters of Aliyar Dam.

The Authority Chairman Justice R. Rajendra Babu, members Karuppan Kutty, Chief Engineer, Kerala State Electricity Board and N. Sathy of Investigation, Design and Research Board (IDRB) under the Water Resources Department visited Moolathara and Manacadavu.

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