Proving to all that the interest in science is thriving in the State is LUCA, a new online science magazine in Malayalam.

The magazine, launched just about a month ago, has already generated quite a lot of discussion on its pages and on Facebook.

Eminent activist and academic B. Ekbal heads the editorial team of the magazine, which includes several experts on science.

“The objective of LUCA is to promote a scientific temperament among people in Kerala. Especially in a scenario where superstitions are growing in the State, we felt there was a need for promoting scientific thought,” said Dr. Ekbal.

The online magazine contains articles, reviews, and videos on topics of pure science and social issues that are connected with scientific knowledge such as conservation of the environment and public health.

The magazine is also working at putting out video interviews and lectures of eminent scientists.

A section of the magazine has links and translations of interesting articles from international science magazines. The online magazine aims to give readers a global perspective of the scientific world as well.

“Science and reason is coming under attack in Kerala,” said P.S. Rajasekharan, associate editor of LUCA. “The magazine has articles that analyse myths in society that people claim are based on scientific fact, but are actually pseudo-science. The objective is to promote a public discourse around science,” he said.

The magazine has received a good response from its patrons so far. Besides a good following on Facebook and Twitter, readers also use the comments section on each page to discuss larger issues related to science.

Dr. Ekbal said that the magazine would also provide a platform for young scientists to project their work.

“There are many young people in science and research institutes here who do not have a space to discuss their work. The magazine will also feature their articles and papers,” he said.

The magazine is available on

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