Saritha Nair, accused in the solar panel cheating scam, filed a bail petition before the Ernakulam Principal Sessions Court here on Wednesday. She had been arrested on charge of cheating Sajjad, a resident of Perumbavoor, after allegedly promising to give him franchisee rights to solar heaters and to set up a wind farm in Tamil Nadu.

Saritha’s petition said she had no part in the alleged fraud. She had only acted under the orders of Team Solar director and her partner Biju Radhakrishnan. Radhakrishnan, first accused in the case, allegedly approached Sajjad with the scheme and took around Rs.35 lakh from him towards setting up the franchise.

The Perumbavoor police said Saritha had received a cheque for Rs.6 lakh from Sajjad. The bail petition said Sajjad had given her the cheque after a phone call from Radhakrishnan and that she had played no part in the fraud. She had acted only as an employee of Team Solar, said counsel for Saritha, Shibu Varghese.

Saritha had earlier filed a bail plea before the Perumbavoor Magistrate Court, which rejected the petition. Along with the case for fraud registered at Perumbavoor, Saritha and Radhakrishnan have been accused of cheating several others all over the State. Radhakrishnan is also accused of murdering his first wife Reshmi.

Judge’s clarification

Meanwhile, Kerala High Court Judge Justice B. Kemal Pasha on Wednesday said that contrary to a report in a TV channel, he had never given any letter to any body or “Team Solar” for promoting its products. A TV channel news report on Wednesday alleged that Saritha and Radhakrishnan had used a letter from the judge for promoting their business.

Reacting to the report, the judge said that when he was functioning as a district judge and Chairman of the Ernakulam District Legal Services Authority, some non-governmental organisations including an institution named Team Solar visited his office and gave a pamphlet showing a programme called ‘Smile Kochi’ that they were planning to implement in cooperation with the Kochi Corporation on the streets of the city. They had said that under the programme, they would install solar street lights free of cost on the streets of Kochi. They wanted a message from him in his capacity as Chairman of the Legal Services Authority. As the authority was conducting various programmes on environmental protection, on pollution and global warming, he had given a message congratulating the activists for taking up such a programme as it would save electrical energy and the environment. Apart from giving such a message, “I have never given any letter to either ‘Team Solar’ or any other persons for promoting their products”, the Judge said.

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