The feud between rival ‘quotation’ gangs reached the corridors of the Ernakulam Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate court here on Friday as a scuffle broke out between members of gangs allegedly led by Maradu Aneesh and ‘Bhai’ Naseer. The police had to use force to control the situation and one person was injured in the brawl.

Court officials present at the scene said the incident occurred when a gang member was brought to the court for trial in a case in which a person named Sinoj attempted to murder ‘Bhai’ Naseer, believed to be a gang leader. Relations between the rival gangs had been strained after Sinoj, an associate of Maradu Aneesh, was shot dead by the Tamil Nadu police at a lodge at Dindigul in March 2012, allegedly following a tip-off by Naseer.

Matters came to a head when ‘Bhai’ Naseer’s gang member Praveen Paul, a witness in the case on trial on Friday, changed his statement in court. Naseer’s associates, meanwhile, were present in the court building following suspicions that Praveen would change his stand. Rival gang leader Maradu Aneesh had also been brought to court at the same time by the Tamil Nadu police, to whom he had surrendered in February this year in a case of kidnapping of a councillor.

A clash broke out after Praveen stepped out of the court and the rival gang members began to threaten each other. Police said that Aneesh attacked Jinas, Nixon, and Sarath. Aneesh also allegedly lunged at a gang member, thus scratching his cheek with his handcuffs. ‘Bhai’ Naseer also arrived at the court by this time. On seeing Naseer, Aneesh allegedly tried to snatch the gun of a police officer. Police officials quickly managed to quell the violence and took all those present into custody.

The members were taken to the Central police station, were cases for assault were registered against all of them.

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