The M K Raghavan Memorial Library and Reading Room of Cochin Corporation at Chullickal in Mattancherry, Kochi used to be the best of its kind for very many years in the Mattancherry / Fort Cochin area. But there has been a steady deterioration in the upkeep of the entire premises over the years apart from a reduction in the number of periodicals and newspapers. Recently, there has been a change of guard and the timings are not maintained. There is a hurry to close down the library in the evenings. The departments concerned need to spruce up the premises and ensure that the timings are maintained.

— Christopher Antony, Moolamkuzhy

Mayor Tony Chammany: MK Raghavan Memorial Library and reading room is one of the oldest libraries maintained by the Corporation. Apart from this one, five more libraries are managed by the civic body. Librarians are appointed through PSC by the Local Self-Government Department. For many years, there has been no appointments happening through PSC and many existing staff members has retired, affecting the normal functioning of libraries of the city. The problem you have brought to my notice is due to this. The corporation has a project to revamp the premises and ‘heritage’ structure housing this library through the Janakeeya Asoothranam Project. The Town Planning Committee is working on an action plan to address all the existing problems with regard to public libraries under the Corporation. I am sure by the end of the financial year, enough staff members will be appointed and timings maintained properly. We are also making arrangements for ensuring the availability of periodicals and papers.

Taking a toll on wallet

Is the collection of toll at the Varapuzha Bridge on NH-17 lawful or permissible as the same has been stopped sometime back?

— Balachandran. B., Kochi

District Collector Sheikh Pareeth: The collection of toll charges at Varapuhza Bridge on NH-47 is lawful and permissible as per order No. GSR (E) dated 27.08.1997 of MoRT&H of Government of India. The nature of the collection is perpetual and the rate will be as specified in the Notification dated 19.02.1992.

Painful light

Most of vehicles use high beam during night hours on Highways or PWD roads, causing great difficulty while driving. Do we have any mechanism to control this, just like how the police keeps a check on drunk driving, to minimise the risk of road accidents and inconvenience to drivers.

— K.Chandrasekharan, Thripunithura

Police Commissioner G. James: Majority of the drivers are adhering to traffic rules in general and especially while night driving by dimming the lights when required. At the same time certain drivers are not properly following the traffic rules. We will look into this and take action against the violators.

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