The Aluva Judicial First Class Magistrate Court witnessed some drama on Friday when an under-trial prisoner was caught trying to hide a packet of marijuana by throwing it under a shelf.

Joseph, an accused in a case of attempted theft at Kalamassery police station, was brought to the court from the sub-jail at Aluva along with another prisoner. When his case was called, he handed over a petition to the judge saying he was accepting his guilt and seeking leniency as he was the bread-winner of his family. While he was handing over the petition, a police officer present in the court noticed that he threw a small packet under a shelf next to the prisoners’ box. Suspecting that the accused may have thrown a cracker or an explosive, the officer informed Judicial First Class Magistrate Kavitha Gangadharan, who immediately ordered the police to investigate. Police retrieved the packet from underneath the shelf to discover that it contained marijuana, tightly rolled up and packed. The judge directed the police officers to register a case regarding the matter.

Court officials and the police weighed the substance to find that it was 8 gm of marijuana. The Aluva police later registered a case against the accused and are investigating how he got hold of the contraband. Police sources said Joseph may have got the substance from someone in the court complex. Police suspect he may have dropped the packet in panic, worrying that it would be discovered when he was handcuffed again after the court proceedings were complete.

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