Real time data to be displayed near stations

The State Pollution Control Board hopes to set up continuous (online) ambient air and water quality monitoring stations along the Periyar river within a month.

The objective of the initiative is to scientifically analyse the source of pollution of the river besides ascertaining those responsible for such incidents.

Board Chairman K. Sajeevan told The Hindu that work on establishing the stations is fast progressing. “We expect to complete the work within a month. All analysers will work round-the-clock. Real time data will be displayed at prominent public places near each station, he said.

Both the stations will have sophisticated instruments including analysers to detect sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, particulate matter and benzene. The board is planning to set up the water quality monitoring station at a spot near the downstream of the river.

Mr. Sajeevan said that the expected cost of each station is about Rs. 50 lakh. The continuous (online) ambient water quality monitoring station will record online the pH, conductivity, salinity, temperature, chloride, ammoniacal nitrogen and dissolved oxygen levels. These parameters will be recorded and monitored regularly.

The proposed air monitoring station will come up near the ESI Hospital at Eloor. The unit will display the sulphur dioxide, suspended particulate matter, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide levels. It will also measure meteorological parameters like wind speed, wind direction, temperature, relative humidity and solar radiation. Data generated by the stations will be available on the website of the Central Pollution Control Board.

The board expects that the two online stations will help in bringing down the pollution levels especially during the night hours, as it will be operational round-the-clock. It will also help in detecting the exact source behind the frequent fish kills in the Periyar River.

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