Political cartoon exhibition at Press Club Hall

Political cartoons freeze contemporary political history for eternity with a wry smile.

Election times are considered to be windfalls for political cartoonists when netas of all political hues make their presence felt in society.

The political cartoon exhibition organised by the Ernakulam Press Club at Press Club Hall had a unique visitor, V.M. Sudheeran, the KPCC president, on Wednesday.

Mr. Sudheeran, through his distinctive political stance, had himself become a hot favourite of many political cartoonists in recent times.

The otherwise serious politician walked through the exhibition with a smile on his face enjoying the cartoons in which he too had become a subject.

Appreciating the acerbic humour in political cartoons, the KPCC president lauded the impact of cartoons, which, according to him, was even superior to news reports and news photographs.

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