With the formal launch of Taxio, the State’s first GPS system-driven radio taxi service operated using premium sedans, in the city, residents can now avail of end-to-end tracking of cabs.

The system is simple. Hire a taxi through the call centre that functions round the clock, then log on to the website (www.taxio.in), feed the booking number and track the cab from the feed from its GPS system.

Every time a cab stops or deviates from its chosen path, the call centre is alerted and a call is generated to the client. Same is the case whenever the speed crosses 80 km per hour.

SMS alert at the time of pick-up and drop and drivers with clean police record completes the safety network.

There are cabs driven by women and the number is set to increase in the days to come.

Kriserv, the company that operates the service, has formulated a demand pattern using a predictive analysis and learning algorithm based on its 5,000-odd users from its trial run since January.

“We have deployed our fleet at strategic points based on this assessment and this helps us send a cab from the nearest point to the client within 10-15 minutes from the time of booking,” said Vijay Nair, managing director, Kriserv.

Such a deployment helps avoid empty run and enables the company offer city service at affordable rates without charging return fare.

Interestingly, the city limit is not rigid and keeps expanding with the addition to the fleet based on the economy of scale. The tariff starts from Rs. 90 with an additional Rs. 15 for every kilometre.

Work is progressing on a mobile application, which when activated can be downloaded on smartphones and used for booking.

Kozhikode and Thiruvananthapuram are set to have the service shortly, which, the company claimed, would enable inter-city passengers to travel at half the existing fares due to its unique model whereby cabs would operate under the local hub until return trip is available.

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