Students will be given second-hand electronic gadgets which they can open up and reassemble.

The next time your child breaks a flashlight or a remote control to see what is inside, do not lose heart. It may be an inquisitive spark that has spurred him to do so. Allowing him to explore the unknown world could actually ignite a passion for ingenuity. It could bring out the best in him to rouse innovation.

This is the idea behind ‘Tod Fod Jod’ (de-construct, reconstruct and repair), a novel programme being implemented by National Innovation Council, formed by the Union government under the chairmanship of Sam Pitroda, Advisor to the Prime Minister.

Under the programme, children at the secondary school level will be provided with second-hand electrical and electronic gadgets which a child can open up and reassemble, a process which would enable to unravel many a secret behind the tools.

The experimental tinkering is expected to lead the child to discover and innovate. The programme is being conducted with the cooperation of several private and non-government entities which will donate the gadgets. The gizmos could include cell phones, fan regulators, video game consoles, washing machines, remote controls, vacuum cleaners, MP3 players, cameras, sewing machines, computers, blenders and a host of similar devices.

The programme has been initiated in several States including Karnataka. Mr. Pitroda during his recent visit to Kochi urged Chief Minister Oommen Chandy to take up the programme in Kerala too. The initiative is considered a welcome change from the conventional learning process of reading and remembering facts by means of a book.

“Innovation is a platform to arrive at affordable solutions to the problems faced by the country,” Mr. Pitoda told the Pravasi Bharitiya Divas convention here recently.

“India which has the largest number of poor, is also the biggest pool of talent,” he said. The rich diversity of India is a fertile ground for innovation, according to him.

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