The courts in India are under the shadow of suspicion, said Public Works Minister P.J. Joseph.

Mr. Joseph was commenting on the “present scenario of the judicial process” at the enrolment of law graduates at the Kerala High Court auditorium on Sunday.

The Minister said that the judicial system has to be strengthened effectively. The goals envisaged in the Constitution have to be achieved and the equality before law and equal protection of law are to be effectively implemented.The poor as well as the rich should get their fundamental rights guaranteed in the Constitution.The fulfilment of the fundamental right of access to justice is a “promise that rests on the shoulders of both the Bar and the Bench,” the Minister said

Though the roles of these agencies were different, their common aim was the establishment of truth and justice, Mr. Joseph said. The Indian judicial system is among one of the strongest judicial systems in the world and the credit for this goes to the wisdom and hard work of the members of the Bar and the Bench alike, he said.

“The Indian judiciary has an impressive index of delivering verdicts that display rare jurisprudential vision. Over the years, the courts have by and large enjoyed high prestige and commanded great respect of the people. This is because of the moral authority of the courts and the confidence that the people have in the courts,” he said. On Sunday, 191 law graduates were enrolled as lawyers. Joseph John, Vice chairman, Bar Council of Kerala, presided.

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