Around 100 acres of barren land at Aechikkanam in Madikkai village near here gutted in fire putting fire force personnel and locals on their toes to fight the raving fire.

Fire force personnel and the locals had tough time in battling out the fire which spread quickly due to intense heat accompanied by winds in the bushy land, part of which were said to be revenue land while the remaining under possession of private parties, who were not at the spot when the fire broke out.

The fire was noticed around 10 a.m. as the fire tenders from Kanhangad and Thrikaripur fought till 5 p.m. to control the raging fire caught on bushy land. The winds also made things tough for the fire fighters, who found it difficult to douse the fire by pumping waters on the terrain.

The fire was put down by local by physically clearing the bushes and doused the raging fire by beating the bushes with rods, thereby managing to control the fire.But for a few cashew trees no major damages to properties were reported in the fire.

A senior fire force official here underscored the need for bringing public awareness to clear off the bushy land to prevent recurring fire incidents especially when the day temperature is on a steady rise.

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