The road development programme of Mulavukad Island has reached a significant stage with the authorities completing the acquisition of over 200 holdings.

The acquisition of holdings from Mulavukad North to Navy land has been completed. The Mulavukad panchayat committee, which is to meet on April 13, will decide on the issue of taking “advance possession” of 12 holdings in the sector, said Majeed Hussain, Development Standing committee chairman of the panchayat.

In case of the 12 holdings, litigations are pending in various courts and the decision on payment of compensation will be taken as and when the courts decide on the cases. In all these cases, the extent of land involved is minimal, Mr. Hussain said.

It has been five years since the Goshree Island Development Authority (GIDA), district administration and the Mulavukad panchayat embarked on a project to develop the narrow road that runs through the island into a seven-metre-wide one so as to accommodate the increased traffic through the island.

The opening of the Goshree bridges saw the vehicular traffic going up significantly through the island. Moreover, the launching of the mini bus service through the island had resulted in the increased traffic congestion and there had been a public demand for widening the road on a war-footing. However, delay in completing the land acquisition and finalisation of the compensation package delayed the road development project for about five years.

The paper work for acquiring around 300 holdings in the extent between Navy Land and Bolgatty has started.

It is in this sector that a large number of buildings and other structures have to be acquired. The formal launching of the road work is expected to take place during May. However, the panchayat is yet to take a decision on the date of launch, he said.

Works tendered

The public service agencies including the Kerala State Electricity Board, Kerala Water Authority and the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited have informed the panchayat representatives that work for removing their cables and pipelines in the acquired area has been tendered. The GIDA has also sanctioned Rs. one crore for the work. The construction of drains in the acquired area would begin soon, he said.

New drains

The panchayat authorities are planning to construct temporary drains in areas where the existing roads have been filled to enable the buses to ply.

The temporary drains are being constructed to carry away rain water during the monsoon months. The GIDA has allotted Rs. one crore to the panchayat, along with other panchayats in its jurisdiction, for concreting of byroads.

The agency had also funded the construction of a 24-bed hospital in Mulavukad.

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