Mahatma Gandhi University will conduct a trial allotment, as part of its proposed Centralised Allotment Process (CAP) for postgraduate programmes.

It is for the first time the university is conducting a CAP for all its postgraduate programme. The schedule of the allotment process will be announced soon after the publication of the B.Com results.

Senior university officials said that the trial allotment will give an idea about the chances of getting allotment to a course and college based on the options registered and the rank of the candidate. The trial allotment does not guarantee that the candidate will get allotment in a college or course.

The first allotment list will be published on the website after the trial allotment and the period earmarked for revising options.

The allotment list will show the personal details, the college and the course to which the candidate is allotted to and the fee to be remitted.

A provisional allotment memo will be displayed on the website and the candidate should take a printout of the same to be produced in the bank for remitting the required fee.

Candidates who remit the fee as per the first allotment within the prescribedtime limit will have the facility to cancel/re-arrange their higher options before the second allotment during a specified period.

After the first allotment, the options below the ‘allotted one' of the candidates will automatically be removed from the option list of the candidate.For example, if a candidate had registered 40 options in all, and if he/she is allotted his/her 20{+t}{+h} option, all options from 21 to 40 will be automatically removed from the option list. Options from 1 to 19 will remain valid and will be considered for future allotments. He/she may delete/rearrange any options among the remaining options as per his/her desire. But the candidate will not be permitted to register any fresh option to the existing ones.

Existing options registered by candidate, available in the home page can be deleted by entering the number ‘0' against that particular option and by clicking the ‘Update' button.

To change the preference of an existing option, the new preference number should be entered in the box against the corresponding option and the ‘Update' button clicked.

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