They had sought Rs.5,000 as interim relief

The labour strike at the liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) bottling plant of Indian Oil Corporation Ltd (IOC) at Chelari here was temporarily settled on Monday following discussions initiated by District Collector M.C. Mohandas.

The labourers withdrew from their stance of demanding Rs.5,000 as interim relief. According to an agreement reached at a tripartite discussion involving the trade union representatives, management representative, and representative of the housekeeping contractor, the workers will get a 25 per cent increase in their total earnings.

The contractor, C.O. Johnson, had already agreed to pay 25 per cent increase. His representative who attended the meeting said that it was the several fresh demands raised by the workers that were denied.

The District Collector asked the IOC plant management to ensure that gas cylinder movement occurred on Tuesday. He said the Essential Services Maintenance Act (ESMA) would be invoked if workers continued their strike. The workers of the IOC plant were on strike for a few days demanding increase in wages.

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