The leakage of gas from an LPG tanker lorry that overturned and fell into the Kunthipuzha River in Mannarkad on Tuesday morning has created a scare among people about the contamination of water and air of the surrounding areas.

While the driver’s cabin was on the road, the tanker fell into the river and gas started leaking creating a scare among the people in the area. The tanker was on its way from Mangalapuram to Salem. The fire force and police conducted the rescue operations.

The authorities shifted 60 families from the area as a precaution. The public transport on the Kozhikode-Palakkad National Highway was diverted through Ayambhavu. In some parts like Cherpulassery on the banks of Thutha river, water supply was stopped for fear of contamination of the river water.

Deputy Speaker Jose Baby representing the area in the Assembly was present to supervise the rescue operations.

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