Trucks now have to cover 32 km more to reach ICTT

Container movement to and from the International Container Transshipment Terminal (ICTT) at Vallarpadom has come to a standstill following a strike by container lorry owners and workers against preventing the lorries from using the reach of the National Highway 47 between Edappally and Kundannoor.

Charles George, convenor of Trade Union Coordination Committee, said the authorities had promised to look into the matter and find a solution soon. “The extra distance covered by the lorries to reach ICTT was now 32 km and this led to hardship and spending of more money,” he said.

Petition moved

A writ petition has been moved in the Kerala High Court against the introduction of turn system for container movement at the terminal.

The petition was filed by a person called N.A. Sainudheen and 20 others engaged in transportation of goods from the terminal to various destinations. According to them, Container Trailer Owners Coordination Committee, a newly formed organisation, have introduced a turn system under the name single window system at the terminal.

The organisation is insisting that all trailer owners and container owners should join their side. Now, they are controlling the movement of trailers and coastal containers. This had affected the container movement and the petitioners’ freedom to conduct business and trade, they said.

The committee had also asked the exporters and importers and the customs house agents to engage only a contractor or owner who was a member of the committee. They would not allow vehicles of owners outside the committee to enter the port areas. This was arbitrary and illegal, the petitioners said.

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