There was nothing right about the vehicle and still it managed to be on the road until Wednesday. That’s when the Motor Vehicles Department (MVD) officials chanced upon a rickety goods lorry that was being driven in violation of all conceivable motor vehicle rules.

The MVD squad led by Motor Vehicle Inspector A.M. Sidhique and Assistant MVI V.V. Vineeth was on a drive to enforce lane traffic near Premier Junction at Kalamassery when they came across the lorry. The vehicle was immediately pulled over by the officials whose suspicion was sparked by its rickety body.

The lorry was carrying sulphur, which the driver said was being transported from FACT in Eloor to a godown in Kalamassery. Every document ranging from fitness certificate to tax paper was missing from the vehicle.

The driver neither had the licence nor any document to prove his identity, including his name, which he claimed was Dileep Kumar. He said he knew nothing about the violations, claiming that he took over as the driver only in the morning.

The officials couldn’t have ignored the roughly displayed registration number either. “We noted down the chassis and engine number and verified it with our web-based database. However the registration number didn’t match with the chassis and engine numbers,” Mr. Sidhique said.

While the lorry displayed the registration number of KLG 3967, its chassis and engine number matched with that of another lorry with the registration number KL-07 D 6435. This proved that the chassis and engine might have been illegally fitted on to the vehicle.

The MVD officials found the case fit for invoking criminal charges and subsequently handed over the vehicle and the driver to Kalamassery police.

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