Steps are being taken to bring about amendments in the Land Reforms Act to provide title deeds and other facilities to ‘Kaaraayma kudiyaanmar,' Revenue Minister K.P. Rajendran has said. (Kaaraayma kudiyaanmar's rights of ownership are restricted to their residential buildings. They have no rights on the land around it).

The Minister was replying to a submission by A. Pradeep Kumar, MLA, on the need for the government to enact a legislation to ensure the rights of ‘Kaaraayma kudiyaanmar' in North Kerala.

The Minister pointed out that the Cabinet had decided on January 13 to work towards bringing about necessary amendments in this regard.

An amendment was brought about in 1999 but it was annulled by the High Court. Efforts to include the amendment in the Ninth Schedule of Constitution also did not succeed, he said.

The assurance committee of the Assembly had examined the commitments made by the government to mitigate the hardships of the community.

The government will act after studying the recommendations of the committee. The loopholes pointed out by the Kerala High Court in 1999 will also be plugged, Mr. Rajendran said.

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