The Kudumbasree poverty eradication mission, having played an important role in the restructuring of the Swarnajayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana (SGSY) into the National Rural Livelihood Mission (NRLM), is a national role model much commended by the 11th Plan Working Group on poverty eradication, says the Union Ministry of Rural Development.

A communication from the Ministry said: “The Kudumbasree mission is one of the most competent and well run mission[s]. It is a role model for other states. We quote the example of Kerala to other states. The Ministry has recognized the Kudumbasree mission as a resource organization to provide support to other state mission in their roll out of NRLM.”

The communication came in response to queries from The Hindu on various aspects of the Kudumbasree, its role in implementing the NRLM in the State and on the possible involvement of other voluntary agencies in NRLM implementation in the State.

The queries were raised after Minister for Rural Development K.C. Joseph said his Ministry planned to involve self-help group ventures like Janasree to implement the NRLM. At the same time, the Minister had said that there was no intention on the part of the government to weaken the Kudumbasree. The budget for 2012-13, presented on Monday, has allotted more than Rs.80 crore for the Kudumbasree mission.

Shifting to NRLM

The official statement from the Union Ministry said the Kerala government had transited from the SGSY to the NRLM and that the State's seven-year State Perspective Plan was approved by the Ministry recently.

The Rural Development Ministry was categorical that the State government looked to the Kudumbasree as a competent organisation to implement the NRLM and that the national mission would be implemented through the State poverty eradication mission.

On the possible involvement of other non-governmental organisations in the implementation of the NRLM in Kerala, the Union Ministry said: “The NRLM framework provides for involvement of NGOs. However, in NRLM the key role is to be played by the community-based organizations. Over 14 years of functioning, Kudumbasree has promoted a network of community-based organizations across the State. It has systematically nurtured them.”

A letter from the Ministry of Rural Development late last month said the Kudumbasree (Kerala State Poverty Eradication Mission) was among the five resource organisations in the country identified for their success in implementing large-scale anti-poverty and women empowerment initiatives by building strong institutional platforms of the poor.


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