A panoramic shot of the Western Ghats at one of the Kerala Tourism Department stalls at Kerala Tourism Mart 2012 has brought the storehouse of immense bio-diversity closer to Kochiites.

The Western Ghats has come alive on a nine-into-three-metre picture with a quasi three-dimensional effect. Sound effects make the picture complete with dripping water, chirping birds and occasional peals of thunder that ring through the hills.

The effect has been achieved by creating a layered look, using a two-dimensional image in the background and then using other layers of the picture over the first, said one of the artistes who worked with the project. He said the panoramic view was not the result of a single shot but eight separate shots that had been combined to create an image close to the real world.

“In a way, we have not presented a traditional three-dimensional picture but created an effect close to a three-dimensional one,” he added. “We were also particular that we took a shot of the Western Ghats in Kerala to provide a true representation,” he said. Given the centrality of the Western Ghats to Kerala’s bio-diversity, culture and economy, the picture is a tribute to one of the world’s largest repositories of diversified life forms.

The Western Ghats accounts for a third of flowering plants in India and at 8,842 feet, Anamudi in Kerala forms the tallest peak on the Western Ghats.

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