The Indian Medical Association and the CREDAI Clean City Movement will set up a joint venture project in the city for managing biomedical waste generated by the apartment complexes.

The IMA will act through its wing, Indian Medical Association Goes Eco-friendly (IMAGE), which had been into processing biomedical refuse.

The joint venture project will evolve schemes for managing biomedical waste from residential complexes, including needles, syringes, cotton, sanitary napkins and diapers. The facility would be a unique one for the scientific treatment and disposal of biomedical waste generated from households, the organisers said.

Besides the biomedical refuse from households, the project will also take care of the biomedical waste generated from health care establishments in and around the city.

A common biomedical waste treatment and disposal facility will be set up in Kochi as part of the project. The facility will be owned and operated by I.M.A.G.E in association with CREDAI Clean City Movement.

Currently, there is no effective system in the city to process biomedical waste. The improper disposal of such waste could trigger the spread of diseases in Kochi, the organisers said.

The clean city movement was earlier involved in the eco-friendly and economical disposal of solid waste from the apartment complexes and residential colonies of various cities in the State. The project was also linked with poverty alleviation and had employed over 600 women, a communication said.

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