The Infopark, Kochi, will soon have a facility for child day care. A building, estimated to cost Rs.53 lakh, will be constructed for the purpose at the Special Economic Zone within six months.

The Cherthala Infopark too will have similar facilities. A working women's hostel with over 170 rooms and a day care centre are to be set up there.

The decision of the authorities to have family-friendly environment at the Infopark units, where major IT and BPO companies are operating, is in tandem with an increased awareness on the benefits of such a move. Studies by international agencies such as the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) have pointed out the gains from the adoption of family-friendly policies at the workplace. The benefits for companies include less absenteeism and lower payments for healthcare and maternity leave. As for the employees, it would mean increased job satisfaction, sources said.

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