The jet foils can jeopardise fishing operations on coastal waters.

After the seaplane, it is hydrofoil that is threatening the fisherfolk. Hydrofoils or jet foils are specially designed boats that cruise at high speeds, capable of carrying dozens of passengers at a fast pace on water bodies. The high speed water craft is being planned for operation on coastal waters.

The State government is planning to launch the project on the public-private participatory mode. The proposals for the operations had reportedly come up at an investment meet organised by the State government in Kochi earlier.

The jet foils moving at high speed can jeopardise the fishing operations on coastal waters, said T.J. Anjalose, a trade union leader, who is involved in the coordination of fishermen’s trade union activities. The right of the fishermen to work in coastal waters to earn a livelihood would be in peril. A coordination committee would chalk out future plans, he said.

The seaplane project, announced by the State government a few months ago, is yet to take-off.

Though the project was inaugurated with much fanfare, it had to be suspended following severe objections from fishermen.

An expert committee has been appointed by the government to study the issues raised by the fishermen. The committee is expected to submit its report soon.

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