College of Forestry is basking in the glory of contributing talents to the Indian Forestry Service (IFS).

Since its establishment a quarter century ago, the college has contributed as many as 29 officers to the civil service. Around 100 of its former students are serving the State Forest Department in various capacities. The biggest moment of academic accomplishment for the college came in 2010 when eight of its students made it to the IFS at a go. Heads were held high the next year too when one of its students became the national topper 2011. R. Keerthi, who was pursuing her MSc Forestry in the college, brought laurels to her alma mater.

This is the only institution in the State training students in various aspects of forestry and wildlife conservation. The alumni of the college occupy significant positions in various State services and national and international institutions. One even made it to the Food and Agricultural Organisation, said a faculty member.

Each year, 30 students are admitted to the college through the common medical entrance exam. The college has a wildlife forensic lab, the third such facility in India.

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