The Sohrabji Godrej Green Business Centre, a division of the Confederation of Indian industry, with sub-centres in several cities in the country including Kochi, has been taking up a host of activities with a view to safeguarding the environment from further deterioration. The programmes have been initiated for an all-round improvement in the environment.

Training and capacity building for schools on environment is one of the schemes undertaken by it. Over 5,000 schools have been covered under the programme so far. The intention is to inculcate values pertaining to conservation of energy and focusing on clean and green energy.

Being green is no longer a cost of doing businesses; it is a catalyst for constant innovation, new market products and services, says S.Raghupathy, an expert in matters pertaining to green energy, who heads the green business movement.

Green is the voluntary pursuit of any activity that encompasses concern for energy efficiency, environmental management, water management, waste management and recycling, according to him.

Green practices ultimately lead to sustainable development and equitable growth. Establishments in the public and private sectors are seeking ways to reduce environmental and human health risks posed by climate change, natural resource depletion and toxic contamination to environment.

The services offered by GBC include design and implementation of systems on environmental management as well as occupational health and safety management, awareness programmes on clean development mechanism, cleaner production projects in partnership with international agencies, web based waste material exchange and training on hazardous waste management.

Water management is another key area of GBC's interest.

The organisation offers services such as industrial water audits, promotion of rain water harvesting, facilitation of improved water and wastewater management in municipalities and promotion of water efficient devices. An annual national award for excellence in water management has been instituted to encourage industry to attain excellence in water management.

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