FACT Engineering Works (FEW), the fabrication division of FACT, based in Palluruthy, has decided to diversity into the maritime field and manufacture barges.

The first barge to be fabricated by FEW will be owned by the parent company FACT, which will be used for transporting liquefied ammonia to the different divisions of FACT. FEW has already commenced fabrication of six bullet tanks for the barge at its workshop at Palluruthy.

Each bullet tank has the capacity to carry 32 tonnes of liquid ammonia. One barges is fitted with six bullet tanks, which together can carry 192 tonnes of ammonia per trip.

This barge can also be used for transporting ammonia from Udyogamandal to Ambalamedu or from Willingdon Island to Udyogamandal/Ambalamedu, said a press release from the company here. Liquid ammonia imported through Kochi port will be transported to FACT units at Ambalamedu and Udyogamandal through water using the barges. The fabrication of the new barge, which will be fitted with the newly fabricated bullet tanks, will shortly begin at the Palluruthy workshop.

The FACT press release said that since transportation of ammonia by barge was more eco-friendly FACT had recently started ammonia transportation by water by hiring a barge which can carry 192 tonnes of liquid ammonia per trip.

However, the full requirement of ammonia cannot be met by this barge alone and road tankers are also currently deployed for movement of ammonia. FACT is now trying to bring down the use of road tankers for transport of ammonia as there are stringent restrictions on road movement of ammonia, which is now permitted only at night.

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