In the wake of spiralling road accidents in India despite introduction of modern vehicles with better safety systems, a road safety expert has outlined measures to reduce accidents. They are easily implementable and can save thousands of lives each year, says C.J. Johnson, expert on road safety.

“The government must ban TV commercials by automobile companies and others that show dangerous driving. Youngsters are very likely to imitate them, causing accidents. Namesake statutory warnings will not help since small children will not even be able to read them, resulting in irreparable character formation.” He also suggests measures to discourage black vehicles, since they are more likely to be involved in accidents because of their low visibility. Moreover, black vehicles consume more fuel to maintain the air conditioner cooling as the colour absorbs more heat from the atmosphere.

He further suggests use of bright coloured dress and uniform for school children since over 10 crore children walk on roads without footpaths, mostly unaccompanied by parents or care takers. Moreover, yellow or bright colour should be promoted for container lorries, auto rickshaws and bicycles so that they are more visible, he says.

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