‘Namboodiri - Varayude Kulapathy', a documentary on veteran artist K.M. Vasudevan Namboodiri a.k.a artist Namboodiri directed by seasoned documentary filmmaker Binuraj Kalapeetom, will be released by artist M.V. Devan at a function at BTH, Ernakulam, on Wednesday at 6.30 p.m.

Historian M.G.S. Narayanan will receive the first disk of the documentary. Its catalogue will be released by noted filmmaker Shaji N. Karun by handing it over to actor Nedumudi Venu. Filmmaker Salim Ahmed, artist T. Kaladharan, scenarist John Paul, actor Urmila Unni, journalist K.M. Roy, novelist K.L. Mohana Varma and make-up artist Pattanam Rasheed will be present on the occasion.

The 45-minute biopic documents the life and art of the octogenarian artist, whose illustrations and paintings are etched in the minds of Kerala's art and literature enthusiasts. The walls of Karuvattu Mana in Ponnani where Namboodiri was born in 1925 became the artist's first canvass while the beach sands of Ponnani bore solemn witness to the birth of the sculptor in him. After a memorable childhood in the rural vistas of Ponnani, he reached the Cholamandalam Artists' Village which eventually fine-tuned his artistic skills.

The early years of the artist until the time he reached Cholamandalam has been recreated in black and white with child artists and this has given it a feature film-like narrative, Binuraj had told The Hindu during an interview.

Written by K.K. Dharmarajan, Binuraj's father, the documentary turns the spotlight on the illustrations and paintings which form a major chunk of the artist's oeuvre. Janpith awardee M.T. Vasudevan Nair comments on the illustrations done by artist Namboodiri for his novel ‘Randamoozham' (The Second Turn). Shot in places like Ponnani, Kozhikode, Kollam, Chennai and Kochi, the documentary presents Namboodiri as the cultural strength of the State.

Singer K.J. Yesudas lends his voice to a song set to music by Malcolm.

The background score is by Gautam while N.V. Swaminathan has done the cinematography.

The documentary is produced by Shafeer Abbas.

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