“Pedestrians face the risk of being bitten by snakes on the ill-lit road,” K.P. Luiz“Yet to be filled potholes near Shappumpady are causing hardships,” K.A. Ashraf

Protest is simmering in Kadamakudi and Kothad islands over failed promises to better road connectivity.

Travelling along the service road from Kothad to the Vallarpadam International Container Terminal Road is a harrowing experience as the segment is in a state of disrepair. Loosely laid rubble and dust emanating from the sand greet vehicles and pedestrians who use the road that connects the main thoroughfares in the city.

A large number of vehicles headed towards Vaduthala and Chittoor from Aluva use the road to avoid the congested roads of the city.

A few private individuals took the lead to level the road using rubbles after it became riddled with potholes. But authorities turned a blind eye to the problem, said K.J. Vinod, a resident of Kothad area. The 150-metre stretch of road soon became non-motorable even for small vehicles. “Yet to be filled potholes near Shappumpady are causing hardships to pedestrians and vehicles,” said K.A. Ashraf, who runs a kiosk on the road.

K.P. Luiz, a teacher who hails from the area, said authorities did not care to replace faulty streetlamps along the road. “Pedestrians face the risk of being bitten by snakes while using the ill-lit bridge and connecting roads,” he said.

K.V. William, the acting president of Kadamakudi panchayat, said people of the village would be forced to launch an agitation demanding better travel facilities if the authorities failed to keep their promise to relay the road. The authorities had promised make the road navigable by mid-December, he said.

The promise was made at a meeting convened by the district collector after the local body took up the issue with him. The panchayat is in possession of the minutes of the meeting. However, there are no signs of authorities starting roadworks.

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