The Crime Branch has identified two more shooters who were allegedly involved in the murder of liquor contractor V.A. Mohanan alias Mithila Mohan in 2006. Police said the two were hired to kill Mohan and that they were part of a gang led by Dindigul Pandiyan.

The police had first named Mohan Ram, who was also part of Pandiyan’s gang, as the shooter in Mohan’s murder, but later said he was not the shooter. Ram, during interrogation, allegedly told the police that two other members of the gang were the shooters.

“Pandiyan’s gang had specialists skilled in using guns, knives, etc. Four members of the group were shooters. One was Pandiyan, who is deceased. The second was Mohan Ram. We suspect that the other two gang members were the shooters,” said a Crime Branch official. He said the investigation was on and the police had to verify the facts of the case.

The police, however, are having a tough time finding evidence, including the weapon used for murder.

“It is more than seven years since the shooting happened and it is getting very difficult to find evidence and verify what we have learned,” said a police official.

The police have interrogated first accused Santhosh Kumar, who allegedly hired Pandiyan’s gang to kill Mohan, and Mohan Raj. The Crime Branch had submitted a request to conduct narco-analysis on Kumar, but was denied permission.

The police had also taken Kumar to Dindigul, Ooty, Chennai and Coimbatore, where the conspiracy to murder Mohan was allegedly hatched.

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