Pollution Control Board tells HC waste let out into Perandoor canal

The waste from the slaughterhouse owned by the Kochi Corporation at Kaloor is being discharged into the Perandoor Canal without treating it, according to a statement filed by the State Pollution Control Board (SPCB) in the Kerala High Court.

The statement was filed in response to a petition complaining about pollution caused by the slaughterhouse.

SPCB also added that as it was found that blood, cow dung and other solid waste from the slaughterhouse were being discharged without treating them, and the corporation secretary had been directed to stop the operation of the slaughterhouse and install an effluent treatment plant to enable further operation of the abattoir. The direction was issued on January 9, 2014.

The statement added that the existing chemical treatment system at the slaughterhouse was not operational. In fact, the project engineer, the Kochi Corporation had submitted a proposal for modifications in the treatment system. However, on scrutinising the effluent treatment modification proposal, it was found that no details regarding the disposal of sludge and the procedure for the separation of blood etc had been given. Though the corporation was asked to submit the details, no reply had yet been received from the corporation. Besides, it was also noticed that the capacity of the biogas plant provided at the slaughterhouse was not at all adequate.

The statement said it was true that waste from the nearby hotels, dwelling houses, small shops, and multi-storied flats were also being discharged into the Perandoor canal. Besides, septic and other wastes were also dumped into the canal at night.

The board also agreed with the contention of the petitioner that the functioning of the abattoir operated by the corporation was creating pollution.The untreated discharge also made the water body a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

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