Parents forced to rush to tailors a few days after schools closed

Here is a warning bell for parents yet to place orders for stitching their children’s uniforms. Leading tailoring units in the city and its outskirts will deliver it only by the third week of June for all those approaching tailoring units this week.

Soaring demand for stitched uniforms had forced parents to rush to their preferred tailoring units a few days after the schools closed for summer vacation.

Tailors pointed out that orders started coming in a few days after a majority of the city schools closed for vacation on March 21.

Many parents still prefer stitched uniforms instead of buying readymade ones.

A senior tailor in a popular outlet in the city pointed out that parents believed that stitched uniforms were more durable and well fitting compared to readymade ones. They could also choose quality fabric for stitching uniforms, he said.

The stitching cost for a set of uniform for a boy student up to Class VII is around Rs. 200 to Rs. 250, while the charge for a set of a girl student's uniform in the same age group ranges between Rs. 225 to Rs. 250. The cost for one meter of cloth used for stitching uniform varies between an average Rs. 200 and Rs. 250. A set of readymade uniform for a child in Class I would cost between Rs. 550 and Rs. 650.

Most parents usually place orders for two sets of uniforms in an academic year. Tailors said the number of parents placing orders for three and more is growing. With expectations of heavy rains in June, parents fear that it would be difficult to dry the clothes.

Parents said stitching uniforms required a special skill and they preferred to give the material to experienced tailors. But most of them also referred to the decline in the number of tailors adept in stitching school uniforms. Majority of the parents now depend on tailoring units attached to retailers selling fabric for school uniforms.


Tailors pedal it hard to meet demandJuly 3, 2014

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