The Coir Board hopes to explore markets in the West because of their eco-friendly attitude.

New markets are being explored for eco-friendly coir and coir products. As part of the efforts, the Coir Board has been taking part in several exhibitions worldwide.

The significance and the benefits of using coir products were explained by a team led by Coir Board Chairman G. Balachandran at the recently held Garden retail show at Birmingham in U.K.

European countries could become a major market for coir products. The Coir Board hopes to focus on markets in the West because of their awareness of eco-friendly products. Coir geotextiles would be one of the important products sought to be marketed in European markets.

Coir geotextiles is a material acknowledged across the world as an effective medium to prevent soil erosion.

The bio-degradable product is resistant to moulds and moisture. It provides an ideal medium for seeds to germinate. It also helps healthy growth of seedlings by regulating soil humidity and temperature, apart from controlling weeds. The netting allows the grass to grow and helps stabilisation of soil.

The strands of the net also help prevent soil particles from being blown away.

The product is used for protection of roads, banks of rivers, canals and lakes. In comparison to natural fibres such as cotton and jute, coir fibres are of larger diameter and are more rigid.

These characteristics would be ideal for functions involving filtering.

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